All possible tests to prove and guarantee technical compliance,
network security, auditing and management reviews change.

Every regulated market has its own list of requirements, which covers everything from technical compliance and network security, to auditing and change management reviews. With a full understanding of the requirements of all highly regulated jurisdictions we can execute all possible tests to prove and guarantee the compliance.
Compliance testing always implies platform testing and game content testing. Depending on the type of game and requirements, extra tests are included in the test plan. We will advise you on the tests you will need for the market(s) you are targeting.
Progress and compliance tracking: upon agreement QUINEL provides updates at the desired frequency down to daily reporting:

  • progress reports with percentage progress for each module and details about any issues blocking or delaying testing
  • defect reports including screen shots, steps to reproduce, detailed explanation, customer comments and priorities to indicate problem severity


Platform testing

We test everything related to core components like user interface, games server, accounts, reporting, and any other component that integrates everything together.

Security requirements

We perform penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, risk assessments as well as reviews of policies, procedures and controls eventually by adopting the ISO 27001 framework.


Assessments of online sports betting is part of our capabilities ensuring accuracy of the odds and correct settlements.

Game content and mathematics testing

QUINEL provides compliance testing of all types of gaming content, including casino games, video slot games, lotteries, skill games, table games and peer to peer games such as poker.

Random Number Generator testing

QUINEL tests software and hardware RNGs for compliance against the most sophisticated requirements, ensuring randomness and unpredictability.

Multi-jurisdiction compliance

With its compliance programs and capability of delta testing supported by effective tracking of test outcomes, QUINEL allows the clients to benefit from Transfers of approval of existing certifications.

Game updates, clones and additional languages

We adapt and develop certification processes to reduce delivery time when analyzing common changes and updates against a previously certified content to include new variants, features, languages and mathematics.

Live dealer studio and operations evaluation

QUINEL has successfully verified and evaluated a relevant number of Live dealer studios their operations across the Europe against the most sophisticated and complete standards.

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