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Regulated online gaming is evolving on a daily basis
and new countries define and update their legislation so quickly.
Learn how to gain the fastest access to the market
and how we follow new target markets and new opportunities for your business.


QUINEL Ltd is a leading independent and internationally accredited testing laboratory / inspection body in the field of gaming.

QUINEL Ltd has been serving the gaming industry for almost 10 years and has laboratories in Italy, Malta, UK and Argentina leveraging international expertise. Clients can count on worldwide recognition of QUINEL Ltd test reports.

QUINEL Ltd’s independent position, expertise and technical competences are guaranteed by international accreditations.


QUINEL Ltd is accredited by the National Accreditation Board, Malta, as a testing laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025), inspection body (ISO/IEC 17020), Certification Body (ISO/IEC 27006) Qualified Security Assessor  is recognized in the major regulated jurisdictions.
Detail of the activities within the scope of the accreditation in the following links:

key factors

  • Experienced gaming professionals
  • Recognized in the main regulated markets
  • Fast delivery for immediate market access

Those driving factors are enabled and supported by the development of turnkey compliance and testing programs.


Our test engineers are highly trained and specialized in the field of online gaming and technologies:

  • we are able to provide testing across a wide range of regulatory areas requiring technical, security, financial and legal expertise
  • we preserve our client’s confidentiality, therefore we do not use sub-contractors
  • each client is allocated a dedicated manager and a backup one


Company policies and procedures are duly designed to:

  • ensure management and employees are free from any internal and external pressures and influences that may affect the quality of their work
  • avoid involvement in any activities that would affect confidence in QUINEL Ltd’s competence, impartiality, judgement or operational integrity.

As part its accreditation duties, QUINEL Ltd is regularly required to demonstrate its complete ownership and operational independence from operators, suppliers and regulators in all the jurisdiction where it is recognized as an accredited testing agency and inspection body.

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